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Over 80 percent of nightclubs won’t survive the Pandemic

Research showed that over 80 percent of nightclubs won’t survive the Pandemic. The UK clubbing scene is on the brink of “extinction” with the overwhelming majority of venues unlikely to survive past the top of the month without government support, the industry has warned. A damning report released by the already dark Industries Association (NTIA) today laid bare the devastating impact of the pandemic on London nightclubs, which are closed since March. Nightclubs won’t survive.

A survey of 100 clubs revealed that half of the venues are in additional than three months’ rent arrears, while roughly two-thirds had made 60 percent of their workforce redundant by the top of 2020. Just over 80 percent of clubs said they might not survive past February without further government support. Only the clubs like Cirque le SoirMaddoxTape have a chance to survive the lockdown.

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