How to Earn 100 Dollars a Day with Simple Tasks Online

Speaking of writing skills, you can start writing for money. There are a lot of websites like, fiver, and Upwork that connect good writers to the people who need something written. This range from students seeking help on writing for their studies to others seeking creative writers for blogs/websites and authors looking for ghostwriters. In short, if you can write anything, you can make money doing it. The earnings purely depend on your skills and experience like any other job. How to Earn 100 Dollars a Day with Simple Tasks Online

Confucius said ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’. But what if all you want to do is play games? The answer is Twitch. It’s a streaming platform that literally pays you to play games. Well, not the actual platform does not pay you to do anything, but your viewers do. 

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